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In the sky, in the sea, splashed paint ignition, unwilling insipid bride could no longer satisfied with gentle traditional image of the wedding, but choose to dress a gorgeous adventure. "Ruin the wedding dress" is not only a new and strange ways, can shoot out the unique photo visual shock. 29 methods of learning under the ruin the wedding.


2014 Charlotte Balbier Wedding Dresses

Summer seemed to have passed, the fall was still far away from, but conceal the trace. Although the leaves and flowers are gradually began to wither, but in 2014 Charlotte Balbier wedding dress still can find blossoms. Embroidery lace, three-dimensional flower, beautiful headdress, plus the most beautiful bride more like delicate flowers, let us not forget the world still flowers blooming like a piece of brocade.

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The Moment when the groom to see the bride wear a wedding dress

Do you think a wedding the most touching moment, what is it? When the father of the bride give his daughter's hand delivered to the groom? Or groom take the bride's veil from her head? According to the custom of the western wedding, the couple can not be met in the marriage on the 3rd, so the wedding day, the groom had our first glimpse of the beautiful bride wearing a white wedding dress appearance, embarked on the red carpet moment is a surprise? Touched? Or have mixed feelings? Take a look at the photographer to capture the touching moments.

Even familiar to her face, her body, her breath, but the appearance of the bridal in a white wedding dress still beautiful and a big surprise.

Two people from the acquaintance, communication, running until you decide to spend a lifetime together, a synchronization on the red carpet moments, bits and pieces of memories and feelings in my heart.

Marriage is not the end of love, but rather a new beginning. From love into life is like from the sky into the mortal world, marriage trivia and annoying addition, it is difficult to avoid the noisy friction loss will love depleted examples abound. Photos will be seen through the new moment of happiness always be retained, reminding of two people in love: forget the fundamentals!