Daisy flowers hidden in the heart of love

Daisy flowers hidden in the heart of love. "Marc Jacobs Ms. Daisy fragrance luxury market, fashion golden boy Marc Jacobs is always on the road of development of the arts can bring people to the numerous surprises. Marc Jacobs, full of passion and love of art, bring you the luxury limited edition of the new packaging Ms. Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance.

The special bottle design is inspired by Marc Jacobs love of art

Season Ms. Daisy luxury limited edition surprise and excitement of innovation in the traditional Miss Daisy Daisy perfume bottle design, blending modern and artistic elements, the new bottle has to balance the traditional version of Ms. Daisy Daisy the perfume is elegant and lively personality, and add a more luxurious modern elements.

Season Ms. Daisy fragrance luxury limited edition products for the 100 ml pack.

2012 Ms. Daisy fragrance luxury daisy fragrances more in-depth interpretation of art. Landmark Daisy Daisy perfume bottle, add shine bright red. White logo is naturally integrated into the artwork of such a luxury. Cap of gold sparkling perfectly complement each other with a red bottle with rounded.

Dotted with black and elegant Daisy Daisy petals lace in a gorgeous red outer edge of

Fragrance Eau de Toilette fresh and charming fragrance not only into a natural, fresh wild strawberries, sweet in tone exudes velvety violet petals, bright gardenia blooming jasmine, the tone is more added plus warm birch and cedar, sensual and warm fragrance sleek and luxurious atmosphere.

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