Alessandro Couture 2012 spring wedding dress! Deep and dreamy colors the interpretation of the taste of happiness!

Alessandro Couture, 2012 spring wedding color wedding series, we have also seen the expansion of this trend. In addition to the red and common wedding dress color, but also added the Snow Queen ice silver, deep and dreamy blue gradient, and the like Tila Mi Su Bingqi forest like sweet and elegant color. In addition, the printing has also become a major feature of Alessandro, Couture, 2012 wedding. Beautiful and brightly colorful visual enjoyment, the bride dressed in the body, all enjoy a colorful taste of happiness!

Elegant wavy edge, modification of the breast shape curve of the bride, charming champagne lining the skin soft and creamy, the upper body of the beading details, the Suixiao combination of flowers exquisite, with a lower body clouds such Wuban the hazy aestheticwedding skirt, elegant, fresh and natural.

The red hue of the charming, strong and assertive intoxicating glow. The upper bodice outlines the sexy lines and slim figure, a bright red ribbon was the distribution network, to create a bride's cool spicy qualities of the lower body hazy net yarn stitching matched the actual situation, compose the bride intoxicating Nocturne.

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