Chanel light and luxurious cream release! Beyond imagination light!

Chanel launched a new luxury essence revitalizing cream lightweight version of "suitable for Asian skin and summer climate, extremely silky texture, such as transparent like gauze over the skin, immediately penetrate the detailed light feellove the fresh feeling of the skin anti-aging care, complete the luxurious essence of series even better.

Chanel as a desire for light and senses skin touch women, developed a new texture.Incomparable silky smooth, Feather light cream, skin care in a gentle atmosphere of a touch of fresh gauze. Instantly dissolve in the skin of the luxurious essence of revitalizing cream lightweight version of "subtle comfort, leaving only a chiffon-like the perfect soft rejuvenation touch, and elegant fragrance the Xianke Lai spent breath. After use, creating an elegant and comfortable pleasant atmosphere, so that the skin is soaked in a smooth perfectly clear but very luxury nourish feelings.

In order to achieve the dream of the perfect skin, Chanel suggested in the "luxury essence revitalizing cream before first using the luxurious essence of revitalizing essence to further enhance the effectiveness of the cream. "Luxury essence revitalizes the essence of" containing precious essence: Himalayan golden flowers from the development gold magnolia PFA (Golden of Champa, PFA) on. Can promote cell vitality, eliminate the daily accumulation within the skin and hinder the operation of the toxins of cells. Detoxification and activation of cells, able to fully absorb the precious ingredients of the luxurious essence of revitalizing cream: May Brahma Neelum essence PFA revitalizes effectiveness can be intensive repair, deep activation and firm the skin, so that show shells of translucent Chak, the skin from the inside to show the ultimate elegant radiance distribution of youthful energy.

The miracle of nature: Madagascar in May Vatican Neelum "the essence of luxurious revitalizing cream light version" of the core ingredients from fruits and flowers in May Vatican Neelum (Vanilla planifolia), combined with the precious fruit containspolyketide (polyketone) juice and flowers contains rich glucoside (heterosides), when the combination of these two unique ingredients, creating a super-effective with rare rare active ingredients: May Brahma the Neelum essence of PFA, withalmost incredible anti-aging effect.

May Brahma Neelum gorgeous flowers of life is extremely short, October 11 monthly wage of people each year are carefully hand picked, part of the fruit, while a hand-a calyx and a calyx pollination, and only in 2 to 3 weeks of May, the same carefully picked by hand and be filtered. May Brahma the Neelum the fresh flowers and green fruit has been picked they immediately separate extraction, Chanel's patented multi-precision fractionation technology, locking the enrichment of active molecules, and keep the extract of pure and complete, these two the combination of active molecules must be more than 20 consecutive essence of the steps, the use of the green fruit of 60000 with 14000 fresh flowers, in order to extract one kilogram of May Brahma the Neelum essence of PFA.

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